The Page of Entropy

In all of physics, there is perhaps no topic more underrated and misunderstood than entropy. The behavior of large collections of particles, such as the universe, a grain of sand, or a tuna salad sandwich, is dictated by two universal laws: one involving energy, the other involving entropy. And yet, while energy is described in great detail throughout any introductory physics textbook, entropy is relegated to about two or three pages, and is usually badly described.

Well, no more! Here's the real story of physics. Here's what really drives the universe. Here's what your physics instructor won't tell you. Here's entropy !!!

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The Page of Entropy is presented with the assistance of Morningside College. It was first posted to the web in 1996 and has been slightly modified on several occasions since then.

The cartoon is by Sydney Harris, who has done lots of cartoons about science. He has books out. I own Einstein Simplified: Cartoons About Science. It's very good.