The Atom!

Atoms. They're in your town. They're in your home. They're in your body. They make up everything you touch. They can't be seen, yet they control everything that happens. They're linked together in a society that remained a secret from us for thousands of years. What do we really know about them?

Well, don't call 60 Minutes quite yet. We actually know quite a bit about atoms. And a small fraction of what we know is presented here in this website. So dive right in, and soon you'll be impressing your friends with new words and phrases like "quantization," "quark," "wave-particle duality," and "quorbit." And you may actually learn something, too.

The pages in "The Atom" are best taken in order:

What's in an Atom
What Holds an Atom Together
The Obvious Model
Quantum Physics (or, Why the Obvious Model is Wrong)
The Particle in a Box
What Electrons Do in an Atom
How Atoms Hold Together

Some other web pages on the atom:

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"The Atom" is presented with the assistance of Saginaw Valley State University. It was posted to the web in 1999.