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"Dave's Microcosmos" is a web page devoted to the smallest known objects in the universe: protons, neutrons, neutrinos, quarks, electrons, photons, gluons, and so ons. And along with these particles are the forces that hold them together or make them fall apart.

Together, these particles and forces combine to make up the atoms and molecules that make up the people and trees and rocks that make up the earth and other planets, which make up the solar system, and, well, you get the idea. So step into Dave's Microcosmos (watch your head) and learn something about how the universe works.

Here are the pages that make up Dave's Microcosmos. They are best visited in order:

The Forces
The Particles
The Classical Picture of Forces
The Quantum Picture of Forces
The Electromagnetic Force
The Strong Force
The Weak Force
How do we know all this?
The Small Picture

A few links to other pages on particle physics:

The Particle Adventure: A website presented by the Particle Data Group.
Quarkdance.org: Must be seen and heard to be believed! (Contains links to other sites as well.)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory: A web site on all aspects of particle physics, from the place where it all happens. (Well, not all, but quite a bit!)
The Information Please encyclopedia entry on particle physics.
The Electron Centennial, and other episodes in the history of particle physics.
Particle Physics.: An alternative view on the subject. A view that I would certainly never condone.
Here's a particle physics love sonnet. (I am not the Dave referred to.)
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"Dave's Microcosmos" is presented with the assistance of Morningside College. It was posted to the web in 1998 and has been slightly modified on several occasions since then.