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A physics degree opens the doors to a huge range of career opportunities including research, communications, medical, and education, to name a few. Students graduating with an engineering degree have traditionally been at the top of the earnings pay scale right out of college. The engineering physics program has been designed to help students find their particular strengths: our 3-2 dual degree options allow students to advance in a chosen specific field of engineering, while the 4-year bachelor of science degree opens the door to general engineering, graduate research in either physics or engineering, professional degrees, and many others. The 4-year bachelor of arts degree in physics teaching (in collaboration with the education department) produces an almost guaranteed career in high school physics teaching, an area in which demand far exceeds supply.

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Individual attention. Innovative, discovery-based learning. Excellent preparation for careers, research, and graduate school. Opportunities to explore challenging, real world topics. A foundation for most engineering fields, including civil, computer, electrical, environmental, and mechanical.