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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a fraternity?

    In a fraternity you are in a network of thousands of other men who can help you make connections in every career field. Fraternity men have a higher graduation rate, and as a group they accomplish great things in their communities.

How will it benefit me?

    By Being in a fraternity you can gain numerous skills which help you throughout life and in your future career, including: leadership, organization, ability to budget time and money, setting and achieving goals, and learning to live and work with others.

Why Acacia?

    The Acacia fraternity is a strong group of men who strive for and support each other in academic achievement, community service projects, leadership skills, and all-around character building.

     Our members are part of almost all aspects of Morningside College. Our members are involved in sports groups, the arts, and academic societies. They work in locations all over campus; working with alumni relations, computer services, and residence life. We have majors representing everything from psychology to computer science, from education to business. There is a place for you in this organization!