A major in chemistry provides career opportunities in chemical industries working with anything from paper to plastics, pharmaceuticals to fertilizers, or from paints to fabrics. Chemists are also found in a wide variety of less obvious careers raning from food science to patent law, from forensic science to art restoration, from health science to research laboratories, from education to product testing. Morningside students earning a chemistry degree have found jobs in teaching, health sciences, and the agricultural, food, and chemical industries or have gone on for advanced training in graduate or professional schools.

The goals of the chemistry curriculum are to prepare students for careers related to chemistry by providing a solid foundation in chemical theory; developing both the understanding and skills of sound laboratory technique; encouraging creative scientific thinking; and exposing them to the practical expectations of the chemical and health science industries. The chemistry program equips students to be life-long learners that can adapt to changes in the scientific discipline, by familiarizing them with the scientific literature and by giving them the communication skills to communicate with each other across the boundaries among sciences.

Why study
at Morningside?

A strong program that can stand alone or combine as a double major with other disciplines to multiply your post-graduate opportunities. Faculty who work with you individually to assure your success.

Biochemistry: Students interested in chemistry and the molecular phases of biology may consider a double major in chemistry and biology with courses selected in consultation iwth members of the chemistry and biology faculty. Such a background is particularly suitable for those who plan careers in biochemistry, pharmacology, bacteriology, physiology, and the medical professions.

Chemistry and Business: Students who are considering non-laboratory chemical careers in areas such as marketing, sales, or management may select courses in chemistry and business in consultation with members of the chemistry and business faculty.

Majors include: Biology (B.A.), Biology (B.S.), Biology Teaching (B.A.), General Science Teaching (B.S.), Medical Technology (B.S.), Chemistry (B.A.), Chemistry (B.S.), Chemistry Teaching (B.A.)





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